I am a well-established communications strategist and social media consultant with a flair for creative and innovative solutions leading to increased prominence for your company or organization. My business, Sundance Social Media, based in Denver, Colorado and working globally, helps local businesses create and enhance their online presence.

In this day and age, companies and organizations that do not have a strong presence on the internet, or lack a solid foothold in social media space, can only attain a limited degree of legitimacy. Maintaining a current social media presence on the various social media platforms, plus providing relevant website content, are all essential to running a successful business or organization and improving interaction with your customer base. 

I hope to convey attitude and excitement through a fresh approach to a digital world which can appear overwhelming, frustrating and saturated with way too much of everything. My niche is working with local businesses and socially conscious organizations that desire an online presence but are uncertain as to where to start and what to do. Dazzle your clients with a fresh approach and let's find that special synergy that spells success!

A dynamic and fresh online presence keeps you relevant, develops trust, builds conversation and provides a way to be in constant communication with your clients and customers. Stay in touch, tell your story and let your customers get to know you the easy way!

I provide excellent and valuable service through ongoing personal communication with my clients. I pride myself on providing a service which is uniquely customized to the needs of your particular industry and clientele. The overall goal is to increase visibility, engage customer interest, and develop marketing options which will result in increased profits, market share and awareness of your brand. 

Please drop me a line at I look forward to connecting with you! ~ Lisa Voncino